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1996 Mirage Asti Mivec Turbo
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Author:  myeyehurts [ 13 Oct 2007 23:51 ]
Post subject:  1996 Mirage Asti Mivec Turbo

Will post up some photos soon

The car is a Mirage Asti coupe with a 4G92 Mivec engine.
The engine has been turboed, with all forged internals to handle 12 psi daily.
Also runs a LinkPlus G2 computer, tuned so that when the turbo starts to lose pull at around 6000rpm, the mivec has kicked in at 5500rpm and it makes its maximum power (estimated to be around 250hp, yet to be dynoed).

The car is in the workshop at the moment having a manual conversion done (yeah, someone actually did ALL that work to a tiptronic Mirage..) so will post up photos and get a dyno reading very soon.

Also has heatwrapped custom made manifold, 40mm wastegate, blowoff valve, 2 1/2 inch exhaust, front mount intercooler, 17 inch MAK wheels, custom front kit, clear rear lights, and a crap CD player.

Future plans: Remove spoiler and fit high stop light (WOF requirement to have high stop light, and the factory one is in the spoiler), respray whole car in factory colour (bluish silver), fit slightly decent stereo, tune LinkPlus G2 on dyno, lambo doors, new wheels (current ones look shit and are cerbed to shreds).

No offense to anyone interested but i will not be revealing what is inside the engine as i would prefer at this stage to keep that to myself. Once i have the car running 100% to my satisfaction i will be happy to let people know, its still a case of trial and error so far!

Author:  HITAIL [ 14 Oct 2007 15:27 ]
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is this the one that was on trademe awhile ago?

also, theres no point in having the turbo die out when mivec kicks in, but thats a different story...if it was the one on trademe im pretty sure it had a decent sized turbo on it, so it shouldnt die out at 6000rpm..

Author:  myeyehurts [ 14 Oct 2007 16:48 ]
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Yeah was on trademe a couple of months ago. It doesn't die out, it just reaches its peak at around 6000-6500rpm which is normal. Yeah its quite a big turbo but its set up to only run 10psi. With the MIVEC kicking in at 5500rpm it makes for a pretty big kick in the teeth. Will have to do a dyno tune and post up some results in the near future, just finishing up the manual conversion tomorrow morning hopefully.

Author:  Jarred [ 14 Oct 2007 17:11 ]
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myeyehurts wrote:
reaches its peak at around 6000-6500rpm which is normal.

Trust me bud thats not normal...

Author:  myeyehurts [ 14 Oct 2007 17:54 ]
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Maybe i need a closer look then

Author:  myeyehurts [ 14 Oct 2007 18:35 ]
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Does anyone know the last owner of this car? I'm trying to track him down to find out a few things about the car. So far, all i know is that the engine was built at a workshop in Hamilton sometime around 2004-2005. He might have kicked around these forums in the past but i can't seem to find anything. Cheers

Author:  AUGASM [ 21 Oct 2007 13:13 ]
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im sure the turbo was a td04 off a wrx aye,

well thats what the guy said when i was looking at the car when i pickd up a bumper off him, if its the same car :lol:

Author:  SICKO [ 27 Oct 2007 16:09 ]
Post subject: 


I used to work with the orginal owner of this car at foodtown glenfield in auckland... I took him for a ride in my turbo mazda and he really liked the BOV and asked if he could get one for his Mirage.

After telling him about turbos I took him down to my mechanic (damian morris at A1 turbo reconditioners) and he agreed to turbo the mivec engine.

To cut a long story short the car spent the next 6 months at A1 turbo's and had $12,000 dollars spent on it.

The car had endless problems with overboosting and cold starts and in the end the my mate gave up on it and sold it on.

The turbo is a rebuilt unit off a wrx.... he tryed boring out the integral wastegate but it would still boost 14 pounds on the standard engine so he tryed installing a exturnal wastegate and it would still overboost so in the end he ended up getting a custom headgasket made to reduce the compression so it would be ok with 12 pounds on boost.... that was the only internal mod to the engine that im aware of.

Sooo glad your doing the manual conversion on this... that tiptronic was a nitemare.

Would love to have a ride when you get the conversion done.

Author:  myeyehurts [ 02 Nov 2007 23:06 ]
Post subject: 

The conversion has been completed and runs sweet, very quick car in manual guise, considering it was a pig to drive as an auto. Still has the cold start issues but thats due to lack of programming the link properly. Am going to get it tuned soon so hopefully that will iron out all the minor issues. Thanks very much for the info!


Author:  myeyehurts [ 03 Nov 2007 09:51 ]
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Sicko, what was the guy's name who you used to work with?

Author:  SICKO [ 09 Nov 2007 02:31 ]
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hey man.... sorry i cant remember it was like 5 years ago.... he was a real sweet dode though... watever needed doing on the car he just did it. hey man im really keen on a ride with the new 5 speed trans aye so hey pleese giv me a txt on 02102612747..... thanx bro 8) :lol:

Author:  SICKO [ 09 Nov 2007 02:33 ]
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seriously though... id really like to talk to you bout this car... my number is 02102612747.... nice one :)

Author:  myeyehurts [ 10 Nov 2007 17:47 ]
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The car is now for sale on Trademe

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