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1993 Mitsubishi Colt GTi Mivec Swap
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Author:  Sim44 [ 14 Mar 2018 02:53 ]
Post subject:  1993 Mitsubishi Colt GTi Mivec Swap

Hi !

First of all I'll introduce myself, i'm new here ^^ My name is Simon and I live in France ! Mitsubishi lover since a few years now, I worked 3 years for Mitsubishi car dealer in France as a car mechanic. My first car was a Mitsubishi Colt Glxi (CA4A) with a 4G92 SOHC 16v (and I still have it ! ^^).
2 years ago I bought a Colt GTi (CA5A) with the 4G93 DOHC 16v, I planed to built it for Track Day but there was a lot of work... Step by step i worked on the car, I started to remove every modification because it was really a mess in the engine bay... I wanted to run the engine safely.

Last year was a big step : I changed the timing belt kit, it was never changed (check photos...), changed some seals too.
Then I rebuilt the gearbox, synchro were dead... I changed the clutch at the same time. So I used a F5m222 RRXE from a Colt Glxi (CA4A) with 4.021 final drive and I put inside the final drive from my GTi (CA5A) gearbox, 4,322 final drive. Now I had the same gearbox inside with good synchro ! The final step was to put a Cusco LSD in the gearbox, and then I was done with the engine and gearbox...

But, last month I was looking adds on a few websites, I wasn't looking for anything, just scroling down the adds to see... And I saw it... It was here.. THE ADD ! I though it was a dream... I texted right after I saw the add and it was still available ! My dream comes true !
So I finally bought a Mivec-MD gen1 engine, full engine, loom, ecu 4829 (capacitors still ok !), gearbox (no lsd but 4.6 final drive) and all auxiliaries ! Only the Mivec cluster is missing... It was from a lancer MR. Compressions are OK, the engine didn't start for a few years !

So now my project changed, I will replace the 4G93 by the 4G92 Mivec-MD !! I heard about the 4G93 mivec convertion but I prefer keep the 4G92 Mivec-MD stock ^^

So now I'm new in the Mivec world and I need some advice for these project... I'll have some questions but before let's see the photos !

At the beginning !

On a snowing morning... ^^

Last year, starting to work on the car !

The old timing belt...

Now it's better !

New clutch

Gearbox rebuilt

4.322 final drive

Ready to the transplant

Ready to start ! A big moment ahah !

+5 HP :lol: :lol:

And now the new heart !

Now I have some questions about the Mivec-MD engine swap...

1) Do I need to buy a Mivec Cluster ? or an aftermarket rpm clock can be ok ?
2) I heard here that the Mivec-MD 4829 ECU can be rechiped ? I Also heard about Ralliart chip (copy)... Does anyone know Where can I buy one ? Or an aftermarket on ?

The mods I plan to do : Exhaust system, new cold air intake, intake manifold with throttle body, spark plug cable, spark plug, 360cc 3000GT injectors and ethanol conversion (106 octane).

3) Is the Mivec-MD with loom and ecu plug and play on my CA5A GTi 4G93 ? Of course I'll need some modification because it's LHD colt and RHD loom...
4) I heard it's possible to remove the 180km/h speedcut by cutting a wire ? Is that true ? (it will be a track car only)

Thanks :D :D

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